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color defence balancing conditioner – step 3



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Product Description

Balancing conditioner provides instant detangling, reestablished the ph balance of coloured hair and scalp, evens out porosity, and enhances body, manageability and shine.

Step 3, protect colour

  • Botanical conditioner for coloured and natural hair, provides instant detangling
  • Contains kiwi extract and vitamin e
  • Protects colour, enhances body, manageability and shine
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Suitable for all hair typesKiwi extract & vitamin e (antioxidants)
    • The 3-defence complex system™
    • Superoxide dismutase enzyme (reduces oxidation)
    • Melanin (protects against free radical damage)
    • Wasabia japonica root extract (protects against environmental damage