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Product Description

Elite Natural Beeswax fibre lash mascara

300% thicker longer lashes in 60 seconds!
Made of Beeswax, this formula won an International award.

Natural formula based Beeswax
Water resistant
Cry proof
Sweat proof
Add Fibres for longer lashes extension extends lashes without glue & false eyelashes
Comes off with warm water
No more panda eyes
300%. Instant Eyelash Extensions in 60 seconds
Easy application in 60 seconds
Replace false eyelashes & harsh glues
Water resistant
Smudge proof
Sweat proof
Cry proof
Best formuala has a HIGH GRADE Beeswax which has moisturising benefits on the natural lashes. Remove with warm water.
Shelf life of 3 years.
• 1 x Transplanting Mascara Gel 10ml
• 1 x Natural Fiber 0.8g